References  we are glad to forward FHF      boarder’s & students contact information.

Experience     We have been professional horseman for over fifty years.  Raising and training horses is our only profession. We stay up to date and well informed in nutrition, health care, management and training practices.  One does not maintain this intimacy with horses as their business without a sincere and genuine love of the animal.


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Hands-on Management & Care                                     The Kaiser family works closely with staff members supervising daily care. Proper nutrition, health care, and experienced observation is provided to all horses. We work together with owners, farriers, veterinarians, and other health care professionals to insure your animal receives the most appropriate care. We truly love the animal and care deeply for it’s health, well-being and happiness.

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Why customers choose our barn. 

Assistance   There is the comforting knowledge that trained, experienced and capable personnel are available to aid those who require help with any equine issue. Whether it be regarding tack, health care, turnout, training/riding; all riders are encouraged to feel confident asking questions.


Daily turnout is extended to all horses. We have a policy of “no charge” for turnout, supporting our belief that exercise helps eliminate boredom and health/behavior problems that can result from stall confinement.

Horse Boarding