The Student Intern Training Program is for enthusiastic and committed individuals who want to gain the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to successfully work and/or seriously compete within the various facets of the equine industry with emphasis on dressage.  This program offers the opportunity to increase knowledge, improve riding/training skills and acquire first hand experience in the areas of herd health, nutrition, reproduction, veterinary care, management, marketing & sales.

Additionally, our internships contribute not only to “What you know”, but also to “Who you know”. Seasoned interns experience circumstances to showcase talents, build a favorable reputation and create an awareness of availability for future employment with leading equine industry professionals and prominent employers.

Each year we accept 2-3 persons as student interns (S.I.s)  Applicants must make a one-year commitment, after completing a one-month trial period. This is a physically and mentally demanding position with rewards proportionate to the efforts you put forth. Those who work and study efficiently and are capable of riding four to six horses daily gain considerable experience and skill. S.I s experience a wealth of opportunity. It will be the best and the hardest time of your life.  Benefits are proportionate to your level of dedication to learning and degree of participation.

S.I.s must participate in all day to day farm activities within the boundaries of their experience and current abilities.  Areas in which you will receive hands on experience include; feeding and turnout of horses of all ages, (including stallions, and juveniles), cleaning stalls, sweeping, driving a tractor with spreader, occasional mowing and barn upkeep, assisting with veterinary &/or breeding or foaling procedures and handling/schooling horses of various ages and training levels.  The above chores are shared between S.I.s, trainers and employees. S.I.s are not be expected to perform any task beyond capabilities.  You will gain experience and broaden abilities, becoming capable of many and varied responsibilities and duties necessary to succeed in a future equine career.

Daily hours will vary with seasons and circumstances of the day.  Mornings are spent performing hands-on barn chores.  Afternoons are spent schooling horses under the supervision and coaching of our trainers.  S.I.s are expected to handle/ride as many horses as physically and skillfully able per day. S.I.s are encouraged to devote a few hrs. weekly to classroom study.

Applicants must have experience with horses and achieved at least intermediate riding skills. We expect applicants to be enthusiastic, open minded and eager to learn. This will be the hardest and longest most will have ever worked, both physically and physiologically. Be prepared and forewarned!!  You will exert much effort towards developing strength, stamina, skills and knowledge.  At first, expect physical & mental fatigue, emotional stress and frustration. After 2-3 months you will be stronger and more capable than you ever thought possible, developing skills and knowledge beyond current expectations.

Our interns graduate competent and well qualified, with experience and skills, well prepared to begin an equestrian career. We support and assist successful graduates with references and industry contacts when seeking future employment.

S.I.s must have full medical insurance coverage and agree to all clauses/provisions in Application Agreements & Liability Release Forms.  If under 21, parents or legal guardian, must agree and sign above mentioned forms. Minors must have parental consent and blessings!

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SI Training Program Guidelines

Student Intern Training Program Guidlines

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