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Over the past forty years Margaret and Jennifer Kaiser have become well known professional equine photographers.

In addition to a natural passion and ability to interact horses, Margaret had an artistic side. She always had a serious interest in art and photography. In 1973 Margaret, sensing a promising business opportunity, founded Kaiser Photography. Specializing in horses, her venture quickly developed it into a thriving business.

At a very young age, Jennifer joined her mother. Literally growing up with  “the reins in one hand and a camera in the other” assisting her mother with both family businesses. Jennifer quickly developed excellent photography skills. These skills combined with her innate eye for capturing the performance horse resulted a second successful career.

Both Margaret and Jennifer have been the official photographers for many class A shows, 3-Day Events and competitions.

They have officiated at the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event, 1987 Pan Am Games, North American Young Riders Championships, AHSA United States National Dressage Championships & Traders Point Charity Horse Show. Kaiser Photography has had their images (and several articles as well) published in many prominent equestrian magazines.

Due to the demands of the farm and training business show photography is discontinued. Kaiser Photography services are now offered by appointment for both farm and personal shoots.

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