2015 - 2016 Intern

Phone: 765-589-3838     email: mk@forresthillfarm.com

Piper Long

In my time at Forrest Hill Farm I grew as a person, strengthening my character. Arriving knowing only rudimentary basics, I was incredibly passionate about wanting to know more. Prior to my internship I didn't know what I didn't know. My head was spinning my whole first month!

I experienced so much. I stepped into a new world of horse care, stable management, riding schedules, proper horsemanship, sale horses to be ridden, shows to prepare for, clients to assist, and mares to foal. I learned proper basic veterinary care and techniques. I can now give an intramuscular injection. I had the opportunity to work first hand with veterinarians, farriers, and chiropractors.  I witnessed the birth of new life and experienced it's sad departure.

I developed a broad scope of skills, including; drive (and back up!) a tractor/horse trailer and drive a manual transmission vehicle.  I also learned to cook and bake.

I thrived on the instruction and criticism and sought out how to correct my mistakes, learning  through accurate and precise repetition you can achieve great things. I met and worked with many incredible people. I departed with much more experience than I arrived with. I now know my strengths and weaknesses, and I will continue to work on improving myself daily.

I would like to thank Peg and Steve for allowing me to live with them in their home and for treating/trusting me like family. I have never met more humble people in my life. I would like to thank Jennifer for believing in me and putting so much knowledge and time into my training; I greatly appreciate it. Lastly I owe Korin a huge thanks. She took me under her wing as a green dressage rider. She gave me consistent, achievable expectations I strived hard to meet. It has been an incredibly fun, challenging, life changing experience that I will forever cherish.