2015 - 2016 Intern

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Piper Long

Piper possesses the innate passion for horses we encounter in most interns. Her dream of owning a horse came true at age ten when her grandmother purchased her first horse. Soon participation in multiple and diverse horse related activities followed. Piper joined 4H, an Arabian youth club and a regional interscholastic equestrian association. Over the next eight years, and two additional horses, she enjoyed many different equestrian activities. First riding western, from pleasure to barrel racing she then chose to try the English disciplines of hunters, saddle seat and eventually dressage. In addition to riding Piper also discovered she enjoyed instructing and coaching riders. This added satisfaction and joy of teaching strengthened her desire to purse a professional equestrian career.

It was at Kings Secret Stables with Laura Kochar that Piper received her first dressage lessons. While participating in a clinic at Kochar's barn Piper's talents were noted by visiting clinician, Jennifer Kaiser.  When approached by Jennifer and asked if she wanted to pursue dressage professionally she did not hesitate with a positive response.

Six months later Piper began her internship at Forrest Hill Farm & Kaiser Dressage in June 2015. She has enthusiastically taken on the challenges of this endeavor, demonstrating a genuine drive to develop her riding, training and management skills. She states, "My vision at this time is to become a USDF gold medalist and eventually successfully compete internationally."
We are eager to assist her in this quest and are optimistic based on her attitude, talents and efforts.