Our Philosophy

Text Box: Work Hard, Play Hard,
And never pass up a good roll in the dirt

Cottonwood Flame

applying the finishing touches after a bath.

“There is nothing better for the inside of man than the outside of a horse”

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Whether you ride for recreation or serious competition this knowledge will give you a definite advantage in your equestrian pursuits.

“I like to offer the horse a routine opportunity to be a horse. Whether a grand prix competitor or a cherished pleasure mount; regardless of value, allow him to experience a good roll in the dirt, a romp in the pasture, and socializing with friends whenever possible. It is the least I can do in return for what he does for me.”        

                                                       M. Kaiser              

By the “inside” of a horse we mean the instincts, intellect, and behavior traits unique to a horse. A thorough and factual understanding and empathy for this unique animal results in both a happy horse and handler/owner. 

Understanding and accepting a horse as a horse, not a dog, and definitely not a human, is essential to a mutually rewarding partnership. Sharing this belief is our goal.

Not only do we focus on the rider enjoying safe and rewarding time with the horse but also the horse enjoying his free time in a pleasurable manner; mentally fulfilling and physically beneficial.

“The inside of the horse is even better for the inside of man.”

We couldn’t agree more with this old adage. However, we want to add our own belief,

“If you truly want to ride and be successful then believe it is possible and that you can do it. Regardless  of current skills you are capable of going as far as you desire.

Tell yourself daily (or even more often) “ I can do this”    and BELIEVE IT ! It is every bit as important as lessons, practice, etc. and it goes hand in hand with your efforts.     You can realize your dreams and achieve your goals !

                                                               M. Kaiser