“Riding is a partnership.

The horse lends you his strength, speed, and grace…

You give him your guidance, intelligence and understanding.

Together you can achieve a richness that alone neither can.”       Lucy Rees

“There are many forms of riding.  The classical way, however, reaches back centuries and has proved to be the right one.

 When following it, one realizes that it is a very open way of schooling. 

It is a wide road that accommodates every horse.”

    Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg

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Quadrille demonstration,

Dressage at Sweet Charity Benefit Gala.                                    

All horses are Kaiserbreds,

B.Tarr photo

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We invite you to visit.  Observe our training and Lessons.

Join the Kaiser Dressage Team. We strive to make the experience not only successful, but FUN ! 

 Read our Philosophy page for more insight

If trainers are measured by the achievements of their graduates, then Kaiser Dressage trainers rank high.  Annually our horses and riders win many national, regional, state awards and titles in dressage and other disciplines.

Training Services

 Imprinting at birth to starting a youngster

 Training at all levels, beginner thru FEI

 Schooling both competitive & pleasure mounts

 Experienced with stallions and equipped to meet their needs.

  We are recognized for success in competitive dressage but we also train horses intended for other diciplines. 

  We practice classical dressage. Our goal is to develop a partnership based on trust and understanding according to each horse’s attributes and unique learning curve. Techniques and expectations are based on empathy and a consideration of both the mental nature and physical capabilities of each horse.

  Time has proven our approach improves the horse’s performance in all riding disciplines and activities.

  Head trainers, Jennifer and Margaret Kaiser  have diverse and extensive backgrounds with over sixty years of experience with many breeds. Our training team offers a broad range of training capabilities:


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