Makayla Helgeson

Innate Talent, Good Natured, Earnest

Makayla exhibited all the early childhood signs of possessing the “horse crazy gene”. She was fortunate as her family was supportive and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Her first pony was purchased at age four. Makayla’s mother, a skilled horsewomen herself, taught her daughter the basics of riding and true horsemanship. Over the years, MaKayla’s one-pony-home in Albion, Indiana evolved into a small horse farm, with six additional horses, that enhanced her riding options.

By age fifteen, MaKayla’s riding skills expanded and her enthusiasm flourished. Her family, now certain of her steadfast drive, wanted to help her achieve her future equestrian goals. Determination sent MaKayla searching for a reputable stable to help her add to her jumping know-how, one of her goals. She contacted Albion College’s equestrian team trainer to arrange formal jumping lessons. She was accepted and began taking weekly lessons, thanks to her parents commuting an hour into Michigan.

After a year of instruction at Albion, MaKayla realized she would benefit from broader experiences began investigating opportunities in other riding disciplines that would support her long-range career goal of managing her own stable. At 17, MaKayla found Forrest Hill Farm and was drawn to the internship program. The FHF intern position offered what she was looking for: experience in barn management, training, teaching and showing. Makayla began participating in March of 2019 as a part-time a intern as she is still a senior at a college preparatory school.

Makayla is proving to be a talented rider with the determination to take her dreams and turn them into goals. We look forward to sharing our passions and mentoring this budding horsewoman.

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Part-Time Intern