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“I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that Verso
settled in just fine. Everyone at the barn loves him, they
 all want to know how it is possible that my new 4 year
old can out perform their older horses. I rode him today
 and he was an angel, he didn't even think about spooking or looking around, we had a good ride and my first lesson with him will be this Thursday. Thank you again for everything, I have already fallen in love with him.”     Sara Janik  
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FHF Caluah


Sold Horses & their proud new owners


I have to remind myself that he is only coming six.”                       

                                                        Cynthia Dickinson

“Every time I ride this horse I can't yet realize what good fortune it was to find him. He is awesome.  Such a confident guy!! My riding partners go bolting off or shying across the arena and if I'm not looking at them I don't even know anything has happened. Miller doesn't even flick an ear!!

Feilou chillin in Bahamas

FHF Indyiana