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Internship Graduates

July 2010 - Nov. 2013

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When I decided to intern at Forrest Hill Farm for three months I knew that it would be the ideal learning situation; working under the direction of trainers who have been in the sporthorse industry for over fifty years. I knew it would advance my progress as a rider. I hoped it would help me discover if I would burn out working with horses all day, every day. Three years later it has become so much more.

Instead of burnout, I grew more involved and interested in pursuing this career. My passion for the sport and horses did not diminish one bit. In the time I spent at FHF, I rode over seventy-five horses from starting them to trained Grand Prix horses, showed twelve horses, qualified for and competed in regional championships for four consecutive years placing in the ribbons each time, and earned both my bronze and silver medals on Kaiserbred horses.

Peg and her husband, Steve, have been second parents to me. I can't name the number of times they voiced their concern for me if I came home later than ten o'clock in the evening. It was a warm feeling to know that they cared and were looking out for me. Jennifer has been so much more than a mentor and friend to me. She has become a close confident, someone who knows me and accepts me for who I am. If I tried to list all of the skills and tools that I've gained and mastered in my time here, the list would go on for pages.  Both Peg and Jennifer pushed me when I needed the push and reassured me when I needed the comfort. They have listened to me complain about the humidity and they have listened to me complain about the below zero temps and windchill. They have taught me how to teach horses as well as riders and how to correctly operate a tractor and put up fencing. Working and learning alongside Isabel was something I at first took for granted. I realized the extent of our teamwork when I worked with new volunteers and interns and showed them how we did things, things that Isabel and I did not need to talk about because we both already knew. To be able to work with her for our three years at FHF is something I will always be thankful for. I am grateful that I did not just find a co-worker and peer, I found a fellow comrade and friend. So many of the boarders and clients were generous and kind to me and truly became my "barn family." I consider every year, every month, every day, spent on Forrest Hill Farm worthwhile.

Sarah Yawata  

June 2010 - Dec. 2013

Isabel Frederickson

My time at Forrest Hill gave me the tools I needed to begin my professional career in the horse industry. In three and a half years, I had the opportunity to ride and learn from over seventy five different horses; invaluable training for a rider. In addition to mounted coaching I learned how to start young horses, handle foals, juveniles and stallions, treat injuries, work with clients, farriers, and veterinarians. I also learned conformation, biomechanics, nutrition, health care, pasture management...the list goes on.

Coming from a hunter jumper background, I had never ridden a horse on the bit before I came to Forrest Hill. However, under Jennifer and Peg’s instruction, I earned by Bronze Medal in 2012 and my Silver Medal in 2013. In my final season of showing with the Kaiser team, I qualified for the first USDF National Championship at 4th level and placed 7th overall.

Forrest Hill Farm provides an in depth, invaluable educational opportunity for any aspiring professional. I am incredibly fortunate to have participated in their program. My training and showing experience in those 3 years prepared me to strike out on my own. I am well on my way to the equestrian career of my dreams.